Brutal Street Life was founded in 1993 under the name Forever initially the activity of our company was the sale of shoes, and in 1994 we start offering also jeans and denim wear. After 2000, the products, offered in our stores are Italian, Spanish, German, Turkish, French and Danish.

For the entire period of our existence we maintain a chain of shops. Since 2003 we manufacture products with our own brand name Brutal Street Life, registered in EU.

In the shops of the chain Brutal Street Life, that are multibrand you can find quality denim wear, leather belts, jackets and shoes under the following brands:

BRUTAL STREET LIFE - own design and production, Brutal 1 Level and BSL couture.

Two times a year we organize total sales with -50% discounts and if you are registered as our customers, you will be the first to receive a SMS notification.

We hope that you will recognize your style in our shops, to be able to see most of our collections you will need at least an hour but we are confident that you will enjoy your time with us.

If you have already been in our shops we expect to receive your comments, opinions and recommendations to the following e-mail address:

Thank you!